Posted on Mar 23, 2020

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Another feature of orthotics is that they can be a diagnostic tool, helping us determine if your bite and muscle position is linked to any of your underlying symptoms. Before we start moving teeth around, we want to stabilize the joint. Once it’s feeling good and stable, we can change the bite as needed.

It’s important that the orthotic is first worn for several months with symptom improvement before we move forward with any orthodontics. We can change the height and shape of the orthotic easily, so fine-tuning the bite at this stage – and creating long-term stability and symptom relief – is crucial for creating good orthodontic outcomes.

Once we determine how much growth in the jaw is needed, we can then place expanders as necessary and then use orthodontics to move and align the teeth. This can take time – up to 2 years for some patients – and requires a financial commitment, as well. However, the result is a more stable bite that aligns with a more relaxed muscle position.

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